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    MIPT is one of the leading universities in the areas of physics, mathematics, and informatics. The institute holds a leading position in Russia in quality recruitment and qualified graduate training.

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    Students and graduates of MIPT are representatives of an elite circle who, thanks to their interdisciplinary scientific surroundings, are able to fully realize their potential. Receiving a fundamental education in mathematics and physics and a preliminary acquaintance with the chosen specialization, along with the acquisition of skills in independent work already by the 4th course provides each student with the knowledge and experience of a full scholar.

    Thus, by the end of the program, students already have significant achievements in their chosen area of activity.

    In the present age of digital technology, time plays a particularly important role. Education of a difficult and protracted nature allows students and graduates of MIPT to always be in the trend of world science and to adapt to sudden changes in the situation.

    Student life at MIPT is rich and diverse. Students actively combine educational activities with sports, participation in cultural events, as well as their creative endeavors. The administration at the institute strongly supports this initiative and cares about the welfare of its students.

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    Thus, it is constantly working to expand the campus and interests of students. Laboratory of Nanooptics and Plasmonics.

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